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Media Recs

This page is for the rare media I will recommend to anyone who asks. Most of my media recs I would only suggest to someone I knew well. The cover images are all hyperlinks.

When Women Were Dragons, Kelly Barnhill

A story about love in a world that isn't right for you. Barnhill's prose paints the memoir of Alex Green in loving detail and lurid emotion. Fair warning: this book is about the affairs of humans, and there's not as many dragons in it as you might expect - that's kind of the idea.

Super Lesbian Animal RPG

Well-designed, deeply emotional, gay as peck, and irreverant until it suddenly isn't, with a killer soundtrack you'll still be noticing new details about on your tenth listen. Play the demo before the full game.

Who Sleuthed It?, anthology by Lindy Cameron

An anthology of mystery stories, all involving various kinds of animal. You'll find something in here that resonates with you. This rec goes double for my otherkin mutuals.

Newsflesh trilogy, Mira Grant

Cats Are Liquid: A Light in the Shadows

A short, minimalist, purrfectly normal platformer with all sorts of satisfying mechanics. Free on mobile with unintrusive ads, or one dollar on itch.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

A visual novel puzzle game that's really hard to talk about without spoiling the entire game (do NOT look into fan content before playing), so I'll leave it at this: you're a ghost who uses random objects lying around to perform tricks and prevent people's deaths.



An incredibly satisfying 3D platformer that isn't as hard to get the hang of as it looks. You will be lost in this castle for hours, so it's a good thing it feels so good to move around.