Website banner. Features wordart of the name Rokon written in katakana, as well as four characters.

My reflection in your eyes

Here's a full list of my blogs!

These blogs are not meant for a general audience. Anything you find here is your problem.
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Art of Magolor from the Kirby series. They are depicted with paws and a tail, lying in a cardboard box.


A seemingly endless queue of assorted posts that were probably queued five months ago. Easily the most active blog in this list thanks to its zero-effort nature.

Ascii Art depicting a text face with carets for eyes, over a fan of question marks.


All things related to my major and minor projects. Recently defunct due to most of my energy being taken up by other things.

Stylized art of a white cat with mismatched eyes.


An ongoing creative writing exercise and the main blog where I put posts I put even a small amount of thought into. Also, cats.

The original sprite of Kotora, an unused Pokémon found in a leaked beta of Gold.


A formerly-constant queue of Baby Pokémon (note: a Pokémon does not need to be an official Baby, a first-stage evo, or even real in order to be considered Baby.) Still intermittently updated!

The OSHA logo recoloured to a dark red. An image of an evil LEGO Wizard is superimposed onto it.

Black Magic OSHA

A dedicated parody blog. Despite the name, their domain has expanded to cover all forms of sorcery, although dark magics are still the main focus.

A sprite of Lancer from Deltarune. Jarringly realistic cat ears have been added to his head.

The Rouxls Flush

A roleplay blog in which Rouxls Kaard and co. get trapped in OSHA (long story.) Currently disused.

Official art of the Beast Ball from Pokémon Sun and Moon.

The Curious Case of UB:EXCEPTION

A dedicated blog for roleplay using Empty and the Aether Institute. Defunct for now, but may one day return.

A picture of the Minecraft YouTuber Joe Hills. It is the same one that they use as their icon.

Is the Joe vid cute?

This one's a bit hard to explain.

An image of the face of an Alolan Vulpix.

Shimo the Vulpix

A short-lived blog that Fey set up for Shimo.

A sprite of a Lady from Pokemon XY.

Lady Corella

Posting about Pokémon as the daughter of a Professor.

An icon of a Great Ball, recoloured to match IKEA's colour palette.

IKEA Redburrow

An IKEA that is definitely not a Pokémon Mystery Dungeon.

An emoji of film frames.

The Hays Office

The 1930s' most infamous institution.

The plurality rings.

Is this plural?

An inside joke among the SBWE server taken to an extreme. The only blog in this list not directly made by us.